Monday, February 23, 2015

Creating Miniatures in a Glass Globe Workshop

About the Miniature Workshop

This is a hands-on workshop for teenagers and adults only. The course will help enhance your manual ability in making and assembling a smaller than Ho scale miniature glass globe (approx. 120mm in diameter or lantern dollhouse. The course structure includes learning how to wire up lights, create miniature 3D furnitures or items from polymer clay and wood.

Course Fees And information:

Only one design per course. All polymer clay, wood and other materials required to complete this project will be provided.

$450/- : 2.0 hrs per lesson for 6 days to complete. 
Any subsequent extension for non completion will be at a special rates of $35/- for 2.0 hrs per lesson

 # All selection of the globes or lanterns is sujected to availability. Terms and Conditions applied.

Course Instructor and Artist: Shin Yurei

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